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$10.00 USD

Fall Jimin

Fall Jimin

Pin details:
2" hard enamel with copper plating, one screen-printed color and two backing posts for extra stability.

What does "Preorder" mean?
Preorder means that this pin has not yet been manufactured. Pin costs can get really expensive really fast and the best way to raise funds to cover those costs is through preorders. Each preorder slot sold goes towards funding the design and once those costs are funded then to extra goodies (like stickers) that will ship out with the pin!

When will I get my pin?
Once the pin is funded and the manufacturing and shipping (from manu to me) process takes about a month. From there I sort and package the pins before packing orders and that usually takes a week at most.

What if it isn't funded?
So far I haven't had a design not get funded in some way, usually it just takes longer for some to reach full funding.

Where can I find updates?
Updates will be posted on my Instagram story and in the descriptions of my posts.