LightersFlame Co.


What do "grades" mean?  

Grades are a way of sorting the pins into categories based off their quality.  A Grade pins will have (almost) no defects, the best of the batch.  B Grade pins have some visible defects that are visible upon close inspection.  C Grade pins have visible defects, often color filling issues, larger scratches or scuffs, offset or mis-printing, and sometimes it's just issues with the backing posts.  
I personally recommend A Grades for collecting, B Grades for collecting or display in ITA bags/fabric items that won't get a lot of wear, and C Grades for the outside of bags, jackets, or other clothing items that get exposed to weather and heavy wear.


What does "Preorder" mean?

Preorder means that this item has not yet been manufactured.  Manufacturing and packaging costs can get really expensive really fast and preorders allow me to pay for those costs.  Each preorder slot sold goes towards funding the design and once those costs are funded then to extra goodies (like stickers or a postcard print) that will ship out with preorders!  


What if a preorder item isn't funded?

If the item has been up for preorder for a few weeks and does not look like the funding will be completed I will go ahead and refund the orders.  If the item was part of a combo you ordered, you will get the option to keep your preorder(s) of the other item(s) with a partial refund.


When will I get my order?

If you ordered ANY preorder items: once the item is funded, the manufacturing and shipping (from manu to me) process takes anywhere from 1-2 months.  From there I quality check and package the items before packing orders, usually taking 1-2 weeks. 
If you did NOT order any preorder items you should expect to see a shipping notification around 1 week (maximum) after placing your order.


Where can I find updates?

Updates will be posted on my Instagram story and in the descriptions of my posts.  If you have any addition concerns I am reached best through DMs on Instagram (@Lightersflame.co) and Twitter (@Lightersfiame) as well as via email ([email protected]).


How do I stay updated on shop updates or new launches?

You can sign up to receive emails from me when there are any shop changes or sales OR if email isn't your thing, you can always turn on post notifications for my Instagram @Lightersflame.co.


If you have a question not addressed here please contact me!