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$10.00 USD - $20.00 USD

Clover Keychain

Clover Keychain
Coming soon

A perfect keychain to hold your keys, add to an ITA bag, or display inspired by A.C.E's song Clover from their HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy album!

The keychain parts:
- 1 holographic acrylic clover charm (2")
- 1 soft enamel charm (1.5")
- 1 screen printed two sided fabric wrist strap (~6")

Available options:
1: Keychain with all 3 parts put together (clover charm, enamel charm, and wrist strap)
2. ONLY the clover charm (acrylic charm keychain)
3. ONLY the enamel charm (enamel charm keychain)
4. ONLY the wrist strap (fabric screen printed wrist strap)